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Special Offer for Families

Use our Publishing Agreement for a Family Siddur to make a custom Siddur or Bentcher for your own home or special simcha.

Like our standard Publishing Agreement (described below in detail), the Family Siddur contract lets you modify our transliterations, combine our work with your own material, and print your custom work under your own imprint.

Best of all, unlike our standard Publishing Agreement, there's no need for royalty accounting!   A one-time $18 donation to my synagogue is all that is required.

There are some other differences: Your work may not be sold nor contain paid advertising. Production quantities are limited, and distribution is allowed only to your family and guests (you can't distribute your work to the general public).

See the Publishing Agreement for a Family Siddur for details. We hope it suits your situation.

Two Special Offers for Schools and Synagogues Print E-mail

Our Distribution Agreement or our Publishing Agreement --- Which is right for you? 

Distribution Agreement:

Print copies of The Transliterated Siddur and give them to your congregants or students.

Publishing Agreement:

Produce your own custom Siddur, or bentcher, incorporating our transliterations.

Use our Distribution Agreement
if all of the following apply:

  • On various occasions, you want to print out a prayer, make copies, and use the copies in a classroom situation, or to support congregational participation at a liturgical event.
  • The copies will stand alone, as excerpts from our Siddur, rather than being incorporated into a work with other materials.
  • You can use the transliterations as is, without modification.
  • You will distribute them only to your own community of congregants and/or students.
  • You will not charge for copies of the transliterations.
Use our Publishing Agreement
if any of the following apply:

  • You will be combining "Siddur Ba-eir Hei-teiv -- The Transliterated Siddur" (or excerpts from it) with other material to produce a distinct work.
  • You will be modifying our transliterations.
  • You will be charging money for copies of the Siddur
  • You will be selling advertising, or paid sponsorship notices, in it as a fund-raiser.
  • You will be distributing our transliterations beyond your immediate community of congregants and/or students.

Our Distribution Agreement lets you:

Take any prayer from our on-line work whenever you need it, and make as many copies as you require for your classes and services.

(You can also download PDFs of some popular prayers from our private downloads area.)

You can even copy "Siddur Ba-Eir Hei-Teiv --- The Transliterated Siddur" in its entirety and distribute that.


Our Publishing Agreement lets you:

Produce your own customized printed work, under your own logo, incorporating any or all of our work, with any modifications you desire to make, combined with anything else you put in.

Design your siddur to promote your institution and to meet the special needs of your own educational programs and congregational events. You may sell them, and/or sell advertising in them, as a fundraiser.

Subscription: $36 per year.
Royalty: 25¢ per copy. ($36 minimum)

Please read our Distribution Agreement for Non-Profit Organizations, and let us know if it suits your institution.

Our Distribution Agreement

Please read our Publishing Agreement for Non-Profit Organizations, and let us know if it suits your institution.

Our Publishing Agreement

Annual Subscription: $36.


Per copy royalty: $0.25; with $36 advance.

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